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QRouting is a program made by pilots for pilots



Weight and Balance

Calculates weight and balance based on the POH. Displays results on a graph.


Fuel management

Fuel calculations are very precise. They are based on the performance charts of your POH, with the fuel flows during climb, cruise and descent corrected for altitude, pressure, temperature and wind.


Operational Flight Plan

We obtain the true heading, the magnetic heading and the distance for each leg of the fligth plan, corrected for wind, pressure and temperature. The drift is calculated. If we change the aircraft, the flight plan is recalculated automaticaly. Performance charts for several general aviation planes are already loaded. The waypoint database includes more than 120.000 points worldwide. It also includes the coordinates for 18.000 spanish villages and towns. Practically all airports, including ULM


Flying the route with moving map with aeronautical charts

The Flight Plan is plotted in Oruxmaps (www.oruxmaps.com) and using the phone's GPS we see the route in a moving map. You can scan the chart you carry on board and use it as a moving map. VFR and IFR charts for the US are available on line. Oruxmaps allows you to download them and use them off-line in the aircraft.


Download automatically Notam and Weather Information METAR and TAF in your route

The program automatically downloads the Notam of the departure, arrival and alternative Airports. It downloads the Weather Information Metar and TAF not only for your departure and arrival airports, but also for any Aeronautical Weather Station close to your route.


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